How To Protect Wood Furniture From Sun

Its that time of year again. Summer is upon us. Its time for barbecues and sun-bathing, but its also time to think about sun damage to wood furniture. Even in the winter, if its especially bright outside, the sun can do damage to wood furniture. UVA and UVB rays can cause sun bleaching, which is okay if the effect is consistentmaybe a lighter grain of wood doesnt sound too bad. The problem is when the lightening occurs in patches. Surely you dont want a patchy piece of wood. Infra-red, moreover, can cause cracking. So how can you protect your wood from the sun? Well, here are a few handy tips to keep your wood in good condition.

Use window films. Window films are cheap, easy-to-apply window covers that, unlike shades and blinds, dont block out light, but rather take off the edge of the sunrays. Solar window films keep out harmful UV rays without making the room dark. For a medium-sized window theyll cost around ten to fifteen pounds.

Cover them up with sheets before going on holiday. If youre going on holiday this summer, you might want to think about covering up your furniture with bed-sheets. That is, of course, if you dont have window shades or blinds. If you have blinds or window shades, make sure that these are covering the windows.

Use sealants. Varnish, lacquer, wax, shellacall are these are good for preventing sun bleaching. Besides giving wood a nice gloss, sealants can act as a barrier between the wood and the sun. Different kinds of wood look best with different kinds of coatings. Its thought that Conversion varnish or Acid-Cat Lacquer offers the best protection. But be warned: many of these coatings use toxic solvents. So, make sure not to eat off of tables to which sealants have been recently applied.

Use awnings. Outside awnings are a good way to reduce heat transfer and thus protect furniture from sun damage. Window awnings will set you back around two hundred pounds, but theyll add curb appeal to the house and reduce fading/wood bleaching, which may reduce of the value of pieces of furniture significantly. So, in many ways awnings are a good investment.

Rotate them constantly. Make sure to evenly distribute the amount of sun your furniture catches. Move stuff around all the time, even if it annoys your spouse.

Well there you go. Those are five ways to avoid sun damage. When it comes to avoiding sun damage, I would especially advise using window films. These are quick and simple solutions to the problem, and the best ones can block up to eighty percent of incoming UV rays. Just make sure not to rest on your laurels after purchase. Sun might still seep in through films and cause damage. So stay vigilant; look around the house; and dont let the sunlight win.

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